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Client Servant or Partner?

A lot of my work recently has been about value… supporting consultants to raise their fees. In today’s competitive market, fee-pressure seems to be a common problem across professions: from international consulting organisations to national law firms to independent project-managers. In order to raise fees, you have to raise perceived value. To raise value, your services have to be valued. So do you. It’s all too easy to be seen as the client’s servant. Whatever we say about ourselves (credibility) there are certain behaviours –…

With effect from January 1st 2017, all new website updates are on   Together with some of my associates, we are forming the Value-Centred Organisation: supporting professionals to raise the value of their work.   This site will stay online for a few months and then will be withdrawn.

Five good reasons why you are more expensive (or should be)

Anyone can charge less; the challenge is to add value to our work. Not just to earn more revenue in fewer hours, but for the thrill of providing outstanding service to clients. My favourite client story about fees comes from Magnus Josephson who has build a superb reputation as Sweden’s no 1 expert in public-sector procurement. In a meeting with potential buyers, Magnus was challenged on his fees: “Mr Josephson, we’ve spoken to four providers and you are the most expensive”. Magnus replied “I certainly…

Who exactly is your client?

Many professionals want to improve the way they talk about what they do. However, nearly everyone that I’ve worked with has discovered that the best way to do this is to sharpen their description of who they work with. Once the “who” is clear, the “what” is easy. Even large global players can learn from this distinction, as the following story illustrates. Graham Kennedy is the principal of Alexoria. Graham works with large global system-integrators and service-providers who want to maximise IT-related opportunities in the UK public-sector….

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