“John’s presentation “The Courage to Ask” gave us the best meeting we have had at the Insurance Institute in the three years I have been attending their lectures. It was by far the most practical and gave ideas that could be implemented immediately. The feed back rating from those who attended was Excellent” – Brian Harris, Insurance Institute

“Thought-provoking, motivating and great management tools. Your scores (out of 10) for content/relevance was 9,1 and for delivery/presentation 9,2 each of which is an excellent score in our experience of the level of marking by our members. Thank you again for your contribution to our event.” – Colin Longhurst, Professional Accountants in Europe (Netherlands)

Challenging, engaging and a catalyst for immediate reflection and change. John’s actionable ideas and concepts offered the most thought provoking session delivered in the Essex Branch of the IFP over 2011/12’ – Adrian Quick, Essex IFP Branch Chairman

“John’s ability to get to the core issues and to offer practical solutions sets him apart. He is a real thought leader and his genuinely value-centred approach, particularly when it comes to sustainable marketing, has helped our business grow.”  – Barry Wilkinson, Wilkinson Read

“John has presented at our National Conference on more than one occasion and run workshops. He has helped us focus and hone our skills to enable our organisation provide the best “Value Added” consultancy services to our clients, hereby they recognise our true value to them.”  – Peter Mayhew, Auditel

‘John has been an inspiration, for many years his newsletter was always a welcome read, but more recently as a coach. He challenges me to be courageous and take actions I would not have thought of and seems to have a sixth sense for the right intervention. I am currently benefitting from his research into energy and would encourage all to learn more about this, from him especially.” – Jonathan Geard-Beney, The Difference

“John is a great example of how thinking and acting differently delivers real success. His writings (“The Courage to Ask” and “Opportunity Conversations”) are based on new and incisive thinking. His webinars are thought-provoking and highly practical. Together they encouraged me to challenge myself further and to reach out. Talking with John rapidly demonstrates his understanding, insight and energy – coupled with warmth and humour.”  – Chris Brown, Bottled Lightning

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