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A popular speaker at international conferences and professional meetings, John is a regular speaker at leadership, business and sales conferences. Examples:

– World Executive Search Congress, Las Vegas (2015)
– WIN Conference, Rome (2015)
– APMP UK, London (2014)
– IPSE (formally PCG) meetings, London (2014-2011)
– Charter Group, Cheshire (2013)
– IRM Business Analysis Conference, Europe, London (2012)
– HLB International Conference, Istanbul (2012)
– MDRT European Conference, Athens (2011)
– CIMA Annual Conference, London (2011, 2010, 2008)
– Top-Consultant (London: 2004-2010)
– IAPA International Conference (Madrid 2009)
– SWAT Annual Conference (2003, 2007, 2008)
– ICAEW South-West Conferences (2008, 2009)
– AIMP Conference, Bonn (2008)
– British Energy Leadership and Sales Conferences (2007)
– ICF, Helsinki (2008) and Geneva (2008)
– WSP Environmental Leadership Conference (2007)
– Auditel Annual Conference (2004, 2007, 2011)

Getting Others to Share your Story

Some years ago, we moved from an economy in which we sold our skills and expertise to one that is based on cultivating relationships with clients. Now we are in the middle of yet another move: as busy decision-makers simply don’t have time for all the relationship-building that we would like to do with them. They will only see you if you can contribute some pertinent insight into the challenges they face. Usually, you have to be recommended.

So how do we get these recommendations? One of the most effective ways to attract clients and generate word-of-mouth referrals is to add insight that reframes client problems, rather than talk about the “unique solution” we provide. This makes it much easier for others to tell our story.

The Courage to Ask

In “The Courage to Ask”, John Niland outlines why asking is vital in today’s economy. Both Winners and Contributors can be positively motivated when asked for more, rather than for less. Asking is a crucial part of business-development.

Depending on your audience we can address:

– Encouraging and motivating greater performance
– Sophisticated Procrastination: how people avoid “asking”
– Example: Doing a review, Talking about money e.g. fees or remuneration
– Giving / receiving difficult feedback
– Keeping in touch, cultivating opportunity
– Engaging with partners, collaboration
– Why contributors often feel alienated

Energising People, Boosting Growth

Complex organisations, rapid change, the need to re-invent services all put pressure on people like never before. This takes energy, without which passion just turns into frustration, ambition turns into disappointment.

Depending on the participants, this session covers:

– Why most people under-estimate what their energy level could be
– How being energised enables productivity, though the reverse is not always the case!
– Six sources of energy, available to everyone
– The debilitating effects of self-reproach
– How it’s possible to double energy levels
– Resilience: dealing with setbacks, disappointments and mistakes
– Energising other people, pitfalls to avoid
– 14 simple, everyday tips that save time and energise people
– The benefits: productivity, business-development and well-being


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